Location of rooms and pictures

Please contact us for more information 706-725-8148 or info@smithhouse.com

Traditional Queen Room

Lower level Queen Bed: Rooms 6-7-11-12

Upstairs Queen Bed: Rooms 15-16-17-18

Double Room

Upstairs Double Beds: Rooms 1-2-3-4

Downstairs Double Beds: Room 8

Captain Hall Suite

Room 5 upstairs

Deluxe King

Room 9 downstairs

Deluxe Suite “Bridal Suite”

Room 14 downstairs of Carriage House

The Smith House Lodge built in 2019

1st Floor (Rooms 19-22) Rooms located on lower level at street side

2nd Floor (Rooms 23-28) Rooms located on the a main floor off of Parking lot

3rd Floor (Rooms 29-35) These rooms are a mix of 1 King Bedroom and 2 Queen beds

4th Floor (Rooms 36-42) All rooms on this floor is 1 King Bedroom